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  • Wow.

    By Sierra Jade W
    Every page intrigued me and I finished this in under 24 hours. I love books with different perspectives so it had me hooked almost immediately. A must read!!!!!
  • Very boring and unrealistic storyline.

    By BrittBrittLew
    Very boring and unrealistic storyline.
  • Twists and turns

    By Ljreviewer
    This book moves back and forth as it tells the story through the perspective of various characters over the course of 2 days. The story builds to an unlikely conclusion keeping the reader captivated as each character develops. An interesting writing style and good read!
  • Good but...

    By Skybrooklex
    I finished this book in a day. It’s a page-turner to be sure. The style and different perspectives worked well. My only problem is the ending. Everything else was paced so perfectly until the ending which was rushed to the point of confusion. I kept scrolling over thinking there had to be more, but unfortunately there’s wasn’t. I do love endings that don’t tie everything up in a nice bow and this certainly fits that bill. However, after all the build up the ending felt flat and mostly unresolved.
  • The Guest List

    By CharlotteV25
    So ridiculous and completely unrealistic!
  • Excellent

    By CZ1622
    Kept me guessing until the end
  • No closure

    By SLG2008
    The book was great, but the ending was terrible. Absolutely no closure. To have so many point of views through out the book and then none of them tie together is so disappointing. It’s like, putting puzzle pieces together into their spots and then never connecting them.
  • Couldn’t put it down

    By Julsmalone
    I like reading books with bad review - they are always the best ones! This kept me captivated throughout the entire book. Plot twists had me actually reading with my mouth hanging open. The ending was NOT expected at all. Great read.
  • Don’t buy this book it never goes anywhere. It’s not a murder mystery

    By Reader26______
    This book is marketed as a murder mystery? But that’s about 10% of the book? It’s mostly just hours of the author trying to sound like Hemingway by saying things like “the groomsmen held their torches like soldiers brandishing swords”. Overkill of metaphors and descriptive language that is so boring. Mostly this is hours of characters going on and on and mundane boring thoughts and details. I don’t care that Hannah’s room at the castle is twice as big as her room and home and that there is also an ice bucket in the room with expensive white wine and there’s also two glass sitting by it oh and there’s a chandelier above...it just doesn’t work in a murder mystery. Get the the point! It never does!
  • Entertaining

    By bowserrush
    Overall is ok Keeps you into the island Predictable the rich people and score 5 because keep me reading

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