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  • Good Book

    By Jairo A.
    Entertaining book, though it lacks a purpose and appears to have a lot of filler information.
  • Amy is my hero!

    By kimsam05
    I love Amy Poehler so much, I hope she's my real mom. This book is a real treat. funny, sassy, beautiful, all the things that is Amy Poehler is now in this book. I love it!!!!
  • Yesssssssss

    By MissTessaRose
    Please. Thank you.
  • Time well spent & fun to boot.

    By CarrotBean
    Amy is a smart & kind writer, who tells a smart & kind story about her life. She makes you wish you had her as a BFF, then reminds you that she carefully guards her privacy & her space. Oh, well. She tells just enough details about her early life & family of origin to let you see that she grew up in a modest, loving, & fun home. Too many books spend multiple chapters on the early lives of their subjects -- if not generations of their ancestors -- and they are always, 100% of the time, boring. No exceptions. Amy does a nice job of giving you relevant information about her early life sprinkled throughout the book. Amy's intelligence, tender heart, & sense of humor are all on display in this well written book.
  • Really self indulgent c$$p

    By RiccoV
    Yes, I bought it and read much of it. I must say the author, no, let's call her a writer, or scribe, knows a lot of famous folks. Though I never figured out why I should care. It's not remotely funny. If she sat next to me on a plane, I'd claim nausea and get the next plane. Think about what sort of person thinks everyone wants to read a book they wrote about themselves. See what I mean?
  • Made me appreciate an actress even more

    By COSI1
    Besides Amy Poehler being her normal (I cannot find an appropriate way to describe how much I appreciate her comedy and the multiple levels of comedy involved in everything that she does; I'll go with hysterical) hysterical self only the author of a biography can capture the true irony in everything that she has to say. Every chapter made me laugh and think equally. Her chapter speaking to all the actors and actresses on Parks and Rec made me rematch the show from start to finish on a weekly basis. Every time I watch the show now I appreciate the talent around it. This audiobook, besides being perfectly entertaining, has made me appreciate the people around her. It's a truly amazing work of art.
  • The Best.

    By Princess Fionna
    Amy Poehler is my comedy queen and this book just proved that more! I was surprised at how well she related to all different stages of life with her advice. I have the hard copy and the audiobook and I frequently pick both up and just re-read. Highly recommend to everyone!
  • Amazing!!

    By nandita727
    I loved this book. I love Amy Poehler and read this book and get to know her as a regular person who struggled hard and for a long time to get to where she is today was so inspiring. Have great respect for her and I hope she writes another book!!!!!
  • Yes Please!

    By Momma Myrna
    I truly enjoyed this book. It was a light and easy read (just what I needed) I felt truly emerged in her life stories. I so want to say I was imagining it to be funnier. But Amy's heart felt out pour of who she is compensated for it. There were true moments of reflection and I appreciated that. (Also something I felt I needed). So great job Amy, you did it!!!
  • Start Reading!

    By psqle907
    What a great read! I didn't really know what to expect starting out, but I kept turning the page with a growing appreciation for Amy Poehler. I have already recommended this book to my friends!

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